Hospital Management Solution

Revolutionizing Hospital Management

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for efficient and comprehensive hospital management solutions has never been greater. Hospitals and healthcare institutions worldwide are on a constant quest to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and reduce administrative burdens. Enter WeasyCare, a groundbreaking hospital management solution by Weasydoo, designed to meet these challenges head-on.


Why do businesses choose WeasyCare?

Infrastructure Management

Comprehensive Management of Services, Rooms, Beds, Operating Rooms, etc.

Patient Management

Patient Record Creation Including History, Consultations, Appointments, Prescriptions, etc.

  Hospital Stay Management

Entry Date, Length of Stay, Expected Discharge Date, etc.

Employee Management​

Employee Record Creation (Contact Information, Specialization, etc.) as well as Shift and Availability Scheduling.

Medical Test Management

Comprehensive Patient Test Tracking with Historical Records and Invoice Generation

Radiology Management

Radiology Tracking and Management, Automated Results and Invoice Generation

Surgical Operations Management

Detailed Management of Surgical Operation Scheduling and Operating Room Availability

Monitoring Management

Physicians and nurses can maintain a patient monitoring sheet and have an overview of the inpatient's condition.

Automatic Commission Calculation

Automatic Generation of Staff Commission Percentages

Global Invoice Management

The departments involved in patient care can merge the invoices to have a consolidated bill that encompasses all the services provided

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