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About Weasydoo

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Weasydoo is a computer services and engineering company specialized in the development and integration of ERPs.

(ERP= Entreprise Ressources Planning)

Our main purpose is to improve productivity and business performance with reliable and fully customized solutions to facilitate work processes.


At Weasydoo, we know that no standard solution fits all and any businesses.  With our knowledge and expertise, we aim to create the ideal customized solution for your business requirements, 

All in record time and at unbeatable rates.

Weasydoo offers solutions mainly based on the Odoo ERP.


To achieve excellence, while remaining accessible to all businesses, regardless of size and industry, Weasydoo takes a specific approach to doing business: 

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Free discovery meeting

If you are a company (regardless of its business area) planning to acquire an Information System for some or all of your branches "Inventory, Purchases, Sales, HR, Accounting, Manufacturing, etc.",  our team will plan a free discovery meeting to globally discuss your requirements . This will be followed by  an appointment for the rest of the process.

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Free demo of a prototype

At this phase, we will present a prototype of the solution ( free of charge). Based on your comments and requests, we will draft a technical offer (a document containing the details of the solution: Specifications of the solution, deadlines estimation, etc.) with a quote.

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Delivery of a first version

Our ultimate goal is to provide a solution that meets the requirements of our customers. In this perspective, Weasydoo adopts in the implementation of its projects an agile development approach involving the customer, for their continous feedback, which will be essential to the success of the project.

This methodology goes through 4 steps:

Step 1: (Requirements Analysis)

The "functional specifications" document is drafted in consultation with the customer to identify their business requirements.

Step 2: (Design and Development)

Once the requirements identified, we provide our expertize to create a suitable solution.

Step 3: (Feature Test)

We provide the "recipe book" and then "validate" with the customer the functionality we have developed.

Step 4: (Go Live)

Deployment of the solution is executed, "training manuals" and the training of future users are provided from our team.

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Grip cycles

After the implementation of the solution we offer 6 months of warranty where we will provide you with any type of assistance related to the solution. Following that, comes the technical support for a personalized maintenance according to the chosen contract.

Our Services

Based on our know-how, we help you in the following tasks:

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ERP integration

We help you create or "customize" your ERP to facilitate your work processes and improve the efficiency of your services and give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Document Management System

With Alfresco's document management solution, you can keep your important files such as contracts, invoices and any type of documents under control, easily accessible, with the possibility of sharing.

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Specific Development

Weasydoo accompanies you throughout the development cycle, from the definition of your needs to the design of the ERP, to its production, offering you tailor-made.

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Cloud Solution

The proposed solution can be stored locally, just as we offer our own cloud and hosting solutions to discharge you from any kind of maintenance and enforce your security.

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Data Migration

We take care of the migration (transfer) of your data from your old software (or solution) to our solution, and create the necessary interfaces with your possible related software.

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Technical Assistance

In order to provide a solution to the different technical problems that the solution may encounter, we offer remote or planned technical assistance according to the contract.

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Staff Training

In order to optimize the deployment and use of our solution, we provide training for your teams' business users both at the time of integration and subsequent developments.

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Resale of Software License

Some of your specific needs already have their solution in the "Enterprise" version, and thanks to our partnership with the company Odoo SA,we can sell these solutions.

Notre objectif est d'améliorer la manière traditionnelle  de gestion d'entreprise avec des simples Systèmes d’Information pour aider les entreprises à se développer

Tarek CHEIKH Fondateur de Weasydoo

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